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GoddardsShipping_SHOPSHIPSAVE_2022_Project Strip Background_Ballista.jpg
Xpress Freight Services

Shop, Ship & SAVE Media Campaign

Xpress™ Freight Services is a full-service logistics company, and a division of Goddards Shipping Ltd. Their Miami-based warehousing operation serves as the hub for all customer cargo to be consolidated and exported directly throughout the Caribbean and Central America.


Ballista! was approached by the good folks at Xpress to develop creative artwork for their recent 'Shop, Ship & SAVE' media campaign. Ran over a total of six (6) weeks from April - June 2022; the campaign consisted of press ads and radio spots, along with social media and website graphics. The overall goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about Xpress Freight Services and their competitive shipping prices and services.


Artwork created for the campaign can be viewed on the Xpress Instagram page and their website.

Client / 

Xpress Freight Services


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Creative Design


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