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CAP-COVID_2020_Project Strip Background_Ballista.jpg

CAP-COVID Conception & Pregnancy Study: Stage 2

From late 2019 until mid 2021 Ballista! was a member of Caribbean Collective, and in 2020 we were given the opportunity to work with the University College of London to produce the Marketing and Social Media campaigns for the CAP-COVID Conception & Pregnancy Study being undertaken by the university. CAP-COVID was a study conducted to research the affects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and their babies. Participants were encouraged to take part in an online survey via the CAP-COVID website.


Stage 1 of the study was run in early 2020, with Stage 2 (featured here) being run in the latter half of the year. Both Stages can be seen by visiting the CAP-COVID Instagram profile. The design and marketing for both Stages was produced by Caribbean Collective, and Ballista! was responsible for creating all artwork shown with the exception of the CAP-COVID and UCL logos. Both Stages met and exceeded their targets for participation, which was a great achievement for all parties involved.

Client / 

University College of London


Role / 

Art Direction


Agency / 

Caribbean Collective


Year / 


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